News & Print Media-Jul to Dec2023

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Important Media News-2023

  Some of Important Media News during Jan to Jun 2023.
Print Media:
July - December 2023:
i). Hindustan Page-09 / ii). Swatantra Bharat Page-01 / iii). Hindustan-BBAU graded A++ by NAAC Page-06 .

Webinar-UltraTech Cement & ICI-2023

  Webinar Attended with UltraTech Cement & ICI during Jan to Jun 2023.
Certificates of Participation:
Jan 2023: 14th / 21st / 28th / Feb 2023: 04th / 18th / 25th /Mar 2023: 04th / 11th / 18th / April 2023: 01st / 08th / 15th / 22nd / 29th / May 2023: 06th / 13th / 20th / 27th / June 2023: 03rd / 10th / 17th / 24th / July 2023: 01st / 08th / 15th / Aug 2023: 05th / Sep 2023: 02nd / 09th / 23th :: Oct 2023: 07th / 28th .

Webinar-Indian Management(AIMS)-2023

  Attended Webinar organised by Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS).
Certificates of Participation: Jan to Jun 2023:
Jan 2023: 18th / 20th / 25th / 27th / Feb 2023: 01st / 10th / 15th / 17th / 22nd / 24th / Mar 2023: 01st / 03 / 15th /
Apr 2023: 05th / 07th / 12th / 19th / 21st / 26th / 28th. May 2023: 03rd / 05th / 10th / 12th / 17th / 19th / 24th / 26th. Jun 2023: 02nd / 07th / 09th / 14th / 16th / 21st / 23rd / 30th.
Certificates of Participation: Jul to Dec 2023:
Jul 2023: 05th / 07th / 14th / 19th / 21st / 26th / 28th. Aug 2023: 02nd / 09th / 11th :: Sep 2023: 20th / 22nd / 27th / 29th. Oct 2023: 04th / 06th / 11th / 13th / 18th / 20th / 25th / 27th. Nov 2023: 01st / 08th / 10th / 17th / 22nd / 24th / 29th. Dec 2023: 01st / 06th / 08th / 13th / 15th / 20th / 22nd / 29th.


 Certificates from Imperial Society of Innovation Engineers India
[Jan-Dec 2020]-ISIEINDIA : April 2020-28th
[Jan 2022- Dec 2022]:-ISIEINDIA : Jul 2022:27th / Aug 202210th
[Jan 2023- Jun 2023]:-ISIEINDIA : Jan 2023:16th :: Apr 2023:08th / 15th :: May 2023: 06th / 13th / 20th. / 27th :: Jun 2023: 3rd / 10th / 24th.
[Jul 2023- Dec 2023]:-ISIEINDIA : Jul 2023:01st / 08th / 14th / 22nd / 28th / 29-30th :: Aug 2023: 05th. / 11th / 19th / 26th :: Sep 2023:02nd / 09th / 16th / 23rd / 30th. :: Oct 2023: 07th / 21st / 28th :: Nov 2023: 3rd / 10th / 18th / 25th :: Dec 2023: 2nd / 9th / 11th / 16th / 23rd / 30th.

Certificates Recognitions:Jan-Jun-2023

  Certificates secured by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh from Jan to Jun 2023.
Certificate of Participations, Recognitions & Excellence:
Jan 2023 09th / 13th(1) / 13th(2) / 16th / 18(1) / 18th(2) / 24th /
Unnat Bharat Abhiyan : April 2023- BRS 07th / SMS: 07th
Jul 2023:FDP-MUIT- 24-31Jul2023 / Aug 2023 15 / Sep 2023FDP-SMS 07-11 Sep 2023 / Oct 2023 IPR 14th Oct 2023 :: Nov 2023-23rd Nov 2023.

SMS-Guru Purnima-History & Importance-03 Jul 2023

 SMS - Guru Purnima- History & Importance explained by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Sr. Environmentalist & Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 02nd July 2023.
Print Media:
03 Jul 2023: (i).Ghoomta Aiyana PDF / (ii).Prahari News PDF / (iii).Total Samachar PDF / (iv). Bholanath Times Page-03 / (v).Swatantra Prabhat Page-10 / (vi). First Editor Page 06

Scientific Importance of Shiv Puja-25 Jul 2023

 Know the scientific significance of Shiva worship in the month of Shravan explained by Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 24 Jul 2023.

Print Media:
24 Jul 2023:(i).Dhara News PDF / 25 Jul 2023: (ii).Aap Ki Khabar PDF / (iii).Total Samachar PDF / (iv).Ghoomta Aiyana PDF / v).Bholanath Times Page-02 / 26 Jul 2023: (vi).Prahari News PDF / (vii).First Editor Page-04 / (viii). Readers Messenger Page 04 / (ix). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 08 / : (x). Dhara Lakshya Page 08 / 29 Jul 2023: xi).Aaj Daily Page 11 / 31 Jul 2023: xii). Daily Nes Activist Page 06.

Ramayan is Truth-Patal Lok- 2023

 True Ramayana - Discovery of Patal Lok explained by Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General (Technical), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 02 August 2023.According to the story of Ramayana, Hanuman, a devotee of Rama, had reached Patal Lok through a tunnel to save his presiding deity from the clutches of Ahiravan. According to this legend, Hades is just below the earth. To reach there, Hanuman ji had to walk a distance of 70 thousand yojanas in search of seven floors (Atal, Vital, Sutal, Talatal, Mahatal, Rasatal and Patal). If today we want to dig a tunnel somewhere in our country, then this tunnel will reach countries like Mexico, Brazil and Honduras of America continent.Pro. Bharat Raj Singh states that in the Bengali Ramayana, the distance of Patal Lok has been described as 1000 Yojanas, which is approximately 12,800 kilometers. He discovered that if a tunnel is dug from India or Sri Lanka, then the distance of Patal Lok will be equal to the diameter of the earth ie 12,756 kilometers, which is equal to about 1000 yojanas.

Print Media:
03 Aug 2023:(i).Navsatta Page 03 / 06 Aug 2023: (ii).Dhara Lakshya Samachar Page 04 / (iii).Swatantra Prabhat Page 10 :: Online / 07 Aug 2023: (iv).First Editor Page 04 / 10 Aug 2023: (v).Daily News Activist Page 06.

NAAC awards SMS an A+ Grade on 02 Aug 2023

 NAAC awards SMS, Lucknow an A+ Grade on 02 Aug 2023 A moment of pride for the esteemed members of the Management, Governing Board, Faculty & Staff, Parents, Alumni, Students, and all our cherished supporters.SMS, Lucknow has reached a significant milestone by securing an A+ accreditation from the NAAC with an exceptional CGPA of 3.45. The SMS Lucknow attained second-highest rated institution among the 756 AKTU affiliated Engg and Management Institutions and achieved an impressive rank within the Top 10 colleges and universities in the State of UP. During Press Conference on 5th Aug 2023, Member of Governing Council, Prof. Ajay Singh & Dr. CM Dwivedi, CEO, Shri Sharad Singh, Director, Dr. Manoj Mehrotra, Director General, Prof. Bharat Raj Singh and Principal, LU Courses, Dr. Ashish Bhat Nagar explained about the its standing as a hub of academic excellence. "The institute has consistently strived to furnish its students with advanced education, modern facilities, industry engagement, and avenues for research, equipping them to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of the contemporary world."

Print Media:
05 Aug 2023:(i).Amar Ujala myCity Page 5 / 06 Aug 2023: (ii).Hindustan Page 07 / (iii).Rashtriya Sahara Page 05 / (iv).Nav Bharat Times Page 07 / (v).Dainik Jagran Jagran City-Page III / (vi).Amar Ujala myCity Page 5 / (vii).Daily News Activist Page 12 / (viii).Hidustan Times Page 07 / (ix).Swatantra Bharat Page 02 / 09 Aug 2023 (x).Amrit Vichar Page 7 / 10 Aug 2023 (xi).Dainik Jagran Jagran City-Page IV.

Tablets & Smartphones distribution at SMS-06 Aug 2023

 Smartphones and tablets were distributed to the students of School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on Sunday under the Swami Vivekananda Youth Empowerment Scheme on 06 Aug 2023 Chief guest Amresh Kumar MLA Mohanlalganj and special guest Vinay Verma Dimple block chief Gosaiganj gave tablets and BBAA BSAA BComA BCom to 233 students of MBA BTech and Diploma; Smartphones were distributed to 312 students of Hons., B.Sc. and B.Sc. The guests were welcomed by the Secretary and CEO, Shri Sharad Singh by giving them a bouquet. the director of the institute, Prof. Dr. Manoj Mehrotra, Director General Technical Prof. in the program. Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Associate Director Prof. Dr. Dharmendra Singh, coordinator of the program, co. Coordinator, faculty members and staff were also present.

Print Media:
07 Aug 2023:(i).Daily News Activists Page 03.

Saurya Gatha"-Acharya Santanu-13 Aug 2023

 Dwitiya (2nd) Saurya Gatha organised by Vayam Varenyam Foundation by Shri Pankaj Singh atIndira Gandhi Pratisthan on 13th Aug 2023. The katha vachak was "Acharya Santanu Mahraj" and hall was full with participants more than 1000 people along with family. After katha few particip[ants for their sincere efforts and contribution were recognised by Certificate of Appreciation.

Print Media:
13 Aug 2023: Invite / 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 .

Video: Saurya Katha :: Litrature: Front / Back

SMS celebrated 77th Independence Day-15 Aug 2023

 On the 77th Independence Day, SMS hoisted flag with great enthusiasm. On this auspecious occasion, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. Dr. Manoj Mehrotra, director of the institute, hoisted the flag and congratulated everyone in his address. The whole courtyard reverberated with the sound of Jana-Gana-Mana. In that program, Prof. Bharatraj Singh, Director General (Technical), Associate Director-Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dean-Engineering, Dean-EWS and all the Deans participated.

Print Media:
17 Aug 2023:(i).Amrit Vichar Page 05 / (ii).First Editor Page 05 / (iii).Sandesh Vahak Page 04 / (iv).Bareilly Ki Awaz Page 04.

Sr.Citizens Viram-5 hoisted flag on 15-Aug 2023

 77th Independence Day was celebrated with hoisting of Flag by President Dr. Bharat Raj Singh along with former minister Shri Gorakh Nath Nishad,in presence of the dignitaries. During his address, he spoke about the development of the nation as 5th largest economy of the World and also on Scientific developments.On this occasion, Sarvashri Dr. Ram Pratap Sharma, Anand Prakash Agarwal, Vijay Bansal, SBL Mehrotra, Lalji Singh, Rakesh Srivastava, Bhanu Prakash Gupta, In-charge of Receipt and Rest Section Rakesh Jaitley were present.

Print Media:
17 Aug 2023:(i).First Editor Page 04 / (ii).Nav Bharat TimesPage 06 / (iii).Bholenath Times Page 03.

Ankurum Academy-20 Aug 2023

 Ankurum Academy, Chitwan, Nepal; MR. SUMAN POUDEL, Principal - visited SMS, Lucknow on 20th Aug 2023, along with 2-Teachers and 8- Students. Prof. Bharatraj Singh, DG(Tech), Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh, Dean (Engg.), and Arun Kumar Singh, Workshop Superintendant,and others got the campus visit along with team. Students and teachers enjoyed the Projects prepared by Engineering Students. Principal, Ankurum Academy and SMS authority intentended to enter into Academic Collaboration in the interest of both.

20 Aug 2023: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07.

SMS Recognised by Governor of UP-23 Aug 2023

 Hon. Governor of Uttar Pradesh her Excellency Smt. Anandiben Patel appreciated- the efforts of the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute Mr. Sharad Singh, Director Prof. Manoj Mehrotra and other members of the NAAC team; Prof. Bharatraj Singh, DG(Tech), Dr. Dharmendra Singh,Ass. Director, Dr. Hement Kr. Singh, Dean (Engg.), Dr. Amar Jeet Singh,HOD-EE, Mr. Usmani, Mr. Asthana and Mr. Ashoksen Gupta and provided certificate of appreciation for this achievement.

23 Aug 2023: Certificate for NAAC AKTU / GUV / 01 / 02 / 03 / 04.

Print Media:
26 Aug 2023:(i).Yuva Vahini Page 08 / (ii).Vaicharik Toofan Page 02 / (iii). Bareilly Ki Awaz Page 05 / (iv).Daily News Activist Page 02 / 27 Aug 2023: (v). My City Page 05.

Himalayan Hills Collapsing & Damaging-03Sep2023

 Entire Hilly Area of Himalayan Collapsing- due to effects of Glaciermelting and Causing serious damage to Infrastructure and Livelihood.Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Tech), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow already written in his book published in 2012, 2013 and 2015 Publisher: InTech Pvt. Ltd., Rijeka,that Climate damage may impact badly due to its cyclonic rains and heavy snowfall.

Print Media:
04 Sep 2023:(i).Swatantra Prabhat Page 10 / (ii).Daily News Activist Page 06.

How to Become Good Techer-Tips-05Sep2023

 An Article- How to Become Good Teacher- Tps? is written by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Tech), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow and was appreciated on the eve of Teachers Day.

Print Media:
05 Sep 2023:(i).RashtraGati Pdf / (ii).Total Samachar Pdf / 06 Sep 2023: (iii).Dainik Pratap Dhara News Pdf / (iv).Dhara Lakshya Page 04 / 07 Sep 2023: (v).First Editor Page 04 / (vi).Bareily Ki Awaj Page 08 / (v).Yuva Vahini Shankhnad Page 03 / 09 Sep 2023: (vi).Prahari News Pdf.

SMS Teachers Honoured on 05Sep2023

 On the occasion of Teacher's Day, SMS Lucknow honored all the teachers and non-teaching staff by organizing a program. 19-teachers of the institute were encouraged by giving incentive amount through check to promote teaching, research, publication of research papers and patents. Among the teachers honored were Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Dr. Manoj Mehrotra, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh, Dr. Asha Kulshrestha, Dr. Priyank Sharma, Dr. Ved Kumar, Dr. Jyoti Prakash, Dr. Sai. Azhar Abbas Rizvi, Dr. Sudhakar Dixit, Dr. Shrinkhala Srivastava, Ashok Sen Gupta, Satyajit Asthana, Asad Karim Usmani, Dr. Niyati Gaur, Dr. Lakshmi Kumari, Dr. Rajeev Tripathi, Dr. Anod Kumar Singh and Shashwat Bajpayee. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Tech), School of Management Sciences, Lucknow was felicitated with Research Award with a cash award of Rs.40.000/= (Rs. forty thousands only) during Academic Year 2022-23 in the Institute amongst 19- faculty recipients. He wrote 3- International Books and 2- research papers featured in Scopus.

Photos:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17.

Cheque of Rs. 40,000/=:Research Award Cheque

Print Media:
07 Sep 2023: (i).Aap Ki Khabar JPG / (ii).Rastragati JPG / (iii).Desh Ki Upasana Page 03 / (iv).Daily News Activist Page 02 / 08 Sep 2023 (v).Bareily Ki Aawaj Page 08 / (vi). First Editor Page 06 / (vii). Swadesh Page 07 / 09 Sep 2023 (viii). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (ix). Bholenath Times Page 03 / (x). Rashtriya Prastawana Page 02 / (xi).Prahari News Pdf / (xii). Lucknow Tribune Page 03.

Highest Rainfall of Year in Lucknow-11Sep2023

 Lucknow faces Highest Rainfall of the Year in Lucknow-Red Alert for another 3-days Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Environmentalist and Director General, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, said that it started raining in Lucknow over the weekend and even after a clear day on Sunday, the weather changed to heavy rain at night, due to which most of the city was affected. Parts were flooded and massive traffic jams occurred. Regularly does yoga in Azad Park of Viramkhand-5. When he was leaving at his scheduled time of 5:30 in the morning, he had to wade through waterlogged roads up to his knees.

Photos:01 / 02 / 03 / 04.

Print Media:
11 Sep 2023: (i).Rastragati Pdf / (ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (iii). Prahari News Pdf / (iv). First Editor Page 04 / (v). Daily News Activist Page 02 / (v). Bareily Ki Awaj Page 08 .

Carbon Emission-Concern for Human Life-2023

 Carbon emission is a matter of concern for human life - Dr. Bharat Raj Singh told this in an interview with Jagran on 14th Sep 2023:World's unprecedented carbon emissions, causing rapid increase in global temperature and melting of glaciers and, The indiscriminate use of products and vehicles and other development activities, releasing carbon and its per capita share is called carbon footprint. Its name derives from the ecological footprint discussion. The carbon footprint in the United States is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world. Whereas in India it is 2.75 tonnes. Therefore, the countries of the world can save nature and environment by using alternative energy and planting more and more trees.

Print Media:
15 Sep 2023: (i). Dainik Jagran Jagran City-Page-IV.

Engineers Day at SMS & IEI-15Sep2023

 56th Engineers Day ob the occasion of 163th birthday Bharat Ratna, Sir M. Vishweshwaraiya was celebrated at SMS by Faculty & Students of Engineers Vision-2023-24. The program started with garlanding his portrait and speeches by dignitaries CEO, Shri Sharad Singh, Directorector General (Tech), Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Asso. Director, Dr. Dharmendra Singh and Dean-Engg. Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh. On this occasion, a large number of Head of Department - Dr. Amarjeet Singh, Electrical, Pankaj Kumar Yadav, Mechanical, Dr. Asha Kulshrestha, Civil Engineering, Sunit Mishra Computer Science and Engineering and Mr. Amod Pandey-Principal (Diploma) and teachers participated. The program was conducted by Mrs. Sujata Sinha, Assistant Professor, SMS, Lucknow. On this occasion, a poster making and questionnaire competition was organized by the students in which Vartika Singh, Khushi Giri, Ayush Shukla were declared winners.
Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Environmentalist and Director General, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow, also attaended Engineers Day celebration at IEI, UP Sate Cntre, where Minister, MSME, Mr. Sachan, VC, BBAU, Prof. Sanajay Singh and Er. SK Pandey, Scientist, ISRO, Lucknow graced the occasion and said that Engineers are the main archtitect & Executer of Development of Nation.

Photos:01 / 02 / 03 / 04.

Print Media:
16 Sep 2023: (i).Rastragati Pdf / (ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (iii). Bholanath Times Page 03 / (iv). First Editor Page 04 / (v). Daily News Activist Page 02 / (vi). Nav Satta Page 05 / (vii). Rashtriya Prastavana Page 08 / (viii). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 .

SMS Celebrated Vishwakarma Puja-17Sep2023

 Vishwakarma Puja was celebrated at Workshop of SMS with great enthusiasm and Prasad was distributed . On this occasion, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Institute, Shri Sharad Singh; Director, Director General (Technical), Prof. Bharat Raj Singh; Director-Admin and Admission, Dr. Jagdish Singh, and Asso.Director, Prof. Dharmendra Singh, Head of the Department, Mr. Pankaj Yadav, teachers Gaurav Ojha, Anoop Singh, Atul Tiwari, Rahul Singh, Workshop Officer, Mr. Arun Singh and other teachers, employees and students etc. participated in the puja.

Photos:01 / 02 / 03 / 04.

Print Media:
18 Sep 2023: (i).Rastragati Pdf / (ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (iii). Prahari News jpg / (iv). File Editor Page-06 / (v). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07 / (vi). Aaj Page 03 . / (vii). Daily News Activist Page 02 .

SMS organised Oriet. Program-23 Sep 2023

 An orientation program was organized at the School of Management Sciences, Lucknow on 23 September 2023. . The chief guest of the program was Shyam Krishna Pandey, Senior Scientist, ISRO Telemetry, Tracking and Command Network. He addressed I told that it is very important for the students of this generation to have knowledge of human values, corporate mantras and technical skills and in detail also told the students that you should ensure your curiosity first and only then you can achieve success in life by pursuing the program. Vivek Mishra, Co-General Manager, HCL, Technical advised the students to read English newspaper daily to prepare themselves according to the changes coming in the world of science and industry and for the development of communication and personality. Tata Consultancy Saurabh Srivastava of Services, through some stories, emphasized on commitment and time management for the students to become a successful entrepreneur, innovator, teacher, writer, etc. Deepak Mishra, Senior General Manager, CP Milk and Food Products, in his speech also inspired the students by recognizing themselves and taking decisions at the right time. Chief Executive Officer, Sharad Singh, congratulated newly admitted students for their development and Director, Dr. Manoj Mehrotra also congratulated them for their bright future. Director General - Technical, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh in his closing address expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the visitors and guests. On this occasion, Director Administration, Dr. Jagdish Singh, Joint Director, Dr. V.B. Singh, Co-Director, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, General Manager, Registrar, and Dean- Student Welfare and Engineering and other officers, teachers and staff were present.

Print Media:
23 Sep 2023: (i).Rastragati Pdf / (ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (iii). Prahari News pdf / (iv).Total Samachar pdf / 24 Sep 2023: (v). Bareily Ki Awaj Page 05 / (vi). Bholenath Times Page 03 / (vii). Daily News Activist Page 02 / (viii).Readers Messenger Page 03 / (ix). Rashtriya Prastawana Page 06 / (x). Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (xi). Vishwa Varta Page 04 .

ISRO Scientist Mr Ritesh Sharma-01 Oct 2023

 An ISRO Scientist, Er. Ritesh Sharma, Dy. Project Director, Ahmedabad . visited us on 01 Oct 2023 at my residence 5/323, Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow accompanied by his father Shri RP Sharma, Retd. EE, PWD and PM, UPRNN. Mr. Ritesh Sharma was responsible for Chandra Yaan-3, (Vikram Lander & Pragyan Rover) its proper landing and data collection by Pragyan. He has made aware about his contribution for th last 4- years to make landing flawless. My family, Mrs. malti Singh, Mr. Mukesh and Associate Director, Dr. Dharmendra Singh and family were present along with Mr Umesh Yadav and one student Ayush Gupta of SMS. Every body appriciated and congratulated to Mr. Ritesh and entire ISRO team for the success of the mission Chandra Yaan-3.

o1 October 2023: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 .

Viram-5 Vetran celebrated Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti-2023

 Viram Kand-5 Vetran celebrated Ghandhi Jayanti & Lal Bhadur Shastri jayanti with full enthusiasm at Vasanti Park. On this occasion, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Chairman, Viram-5 Public Welfare Committee, in his address threw light on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. On this occasion, S.B.L. of Viram Section-5 Jankalyan Mahasamiti. Malhotra, Vice President, Arun Trivedi, General Secretary, Shri Rakesh Jaitley, Section In-charge, Gorakhprasad Nishad, Ex-Minister, Manoj Sharma, Ravi Shah, Rajesh Tiwari and S. Aggarwal, etc. were present.

Print Media:
03 Oct 2023: (i).Total Samachar Pdf / (ii).Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / 03 Oct 2023: (iii).Aaj Page-03 / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (v). Daily News Activist Page-03 .

SMS intiated cleanliness-Gandhi & Shastri Jayanti-2023

 School of Management Sciences, Lucknow launched Cleanliness campaign in the campus on 01 Oct 2023 and started with the national anthem by hoisting the national flag on 02 October 2023. On the birth anniversary of both the great men Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri, floral tributes were paid to their paintings, remembering their ideals of non-violence and simplicity. On this death anniversary, Shri Sharad Singh, Secretary and Executive Officer and Director General Dr. Bharat Raj Singh etc. in their respective addresses threw light on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri and paid special attention to learning from the work done by them for the nation.On this occasion, the teachers present in the campus - Dr. Kailashpati, Alok Singh, Vipul Bhargava, Deputy Registrar, Mr. Ugrasen Singh, Administrative Officer Lavkush Singh, Security Officer, other employees and a large number of students participated.

Print Media:
02 / 03 Oct 2023: (i).Total Samachar Pdf / (ii). Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (iii). Desh Ki Upasana Page-03 / 04 Oct 2023: (iv). Daily News Activist Page-02 / (v). Bholanath Times Page-05 / (vi). First Editor Page-04 / (vii). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (viii).Rashtriya Prastavana Page-02 / (ix). Prahari News Pdf .

Book-The Science of Yoga (Eng)-30th Oct 2023

 Book-The Science of Yoga: Mudras, Bandhs & Chakras:Health benefits through Spiritual Methods (Eng);ISBN: 978-1-304-99767-8; published on 30th Oct 2023 - from Lulu Press Inc., 627,Davis Drive, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560, USA. The book is authored by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Shri Satish Kumar Singh and Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh.

Covers: Front: 1 / Back: 2 / Interior Text of Book : The Science of Yoga: Impact of Mudras, Bandhas & Chakras (English) Download. - Book & Purchase Price. / - Book & Purchase Price.

SMS celebrated 136th CV Raman's birthday-2023

 Chandrashekhar Venkata Raman's 136th birthday celebrated with full enthusiasm at CV Raman Centre, SMS, Lucknow - Shri Sharad Singh, Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the institute present on this occasion, inspired the teachers present in the meeting and the team of the center to give more emphasis on high quality and innovation. Professor Bharat Raj Singh, in-charge of CV Raman Research Center threw light on the birth and research of Sir CV Raman, who recieved the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for his discovery on the scattering of light and was the first person of Asian origin to win the prestigious medal.On this occasion, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Associate Director, Dr. P.K. Singh, Dean-Student Welfare, Dr. Hemant Kumar Singh, Dean (Engineering) and Heads of Departments Dr. Asha Kulshreshth & all other departments including Mr. Gauarav Ojha, Mr. Anoop Singh from Mechanical Deptt. were also present.

Print Media:
08 Nov 2023: (i).Dastak Times Pdf / (ii).Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (iii).Aaj Page-05 / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (v).Pratap Dhara Page-03 / (vi).Bholanath Times Page-03 / (vii). Daily News Activist Page-02 / (viii).First Editor Page-06 / (ix). Rashtriya Sahara Page-06 / (x). Nav Bharat Times Page-06 .

Uttar Pradesh Education Leadership Award-2023

 School od Management Sciences, Lucknow sweeps in Uttar Pradesh Educations Leadership Awards-2023 organised at Hotel Taj, Lucknow on 07th November 2023. The chief guest of the program was Shri Mayankeshwar Sharan Singh, Minister of State, Government of Uttar Pradesh.
Pro. (Dr.) Bharat Raj Singh, Director General(Tech), SMS Lucknow, was honored with the award for his outstanding contribution in research and innovation. In the academic category, Dr. Dharmendra Singh, Associate Director of SMS, Lucknow, received the award and other members of SMS Lucknow, Dr. V.B. Singh, Dr. Mahendra Srivastava, Mr. Asad Karim Usmani and Mr. Surendra Srivastava also received awards in the category of Branding, Global Projects Consultancy, Quality Assurance and Industry – Academic Initiative respectively..

Certificate:UP Education LeaderShip-2023; Photos:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07

Print Media:
09 Nov 2023: (i).Dastak Times Pdf / (ii).Scholar Times Page-06 / (iii).Aaj Page-04 / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (v).Dhara Lakshya Page-03 / (vi).Bholanath Times Page-03 / (vii). Daily News Activist Page-02 / (viii).First Editor Page-06 / (ix). Rashtriya Sahara Page-10 / (x). Rashtriya Prastavana Page-01 .

Guest of Honour-IPR workshop at IGNOU-2023

 Workshop organized on Intellectual Property Protection at IGNOU Regional Centre, Lucknow on 09 November 2023. The workshop was conducted under the joint aegis of IGNOU, Regional Centre, UPCST and Jan Shikshan Sansthan Gomti Nagar, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India.Dr. Kirti Vikram Singh, Assistant Regional Director, IGNOU, welcomed all the guests, colleagues, teachers and students to the workshop. Chief Guest, Dr. Pradeep Srivastava, Executive Director, TIFAC, Government of India, said in his virtual address that intellectual property protection is very important in this era of globalization.Dr. Manorama Singh, Senior Regional Director, IGNOU, inspired people to enroll by making them aware about the courses conducted Like: Diploma in IPR etc. The Guest of Honour and keynote speaker, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Director General, School of Management Sciences, who is a renowned senior scientist and environmentalist, said that the new creative work produced by the human mind comes under the category of his intellectual property. Protecting such creativity in any are like: music, literary work, art, discovery, symbol, name, picture, design, copyright, trademark, patent etc. created by him is called IPR.Prof. Varun Chhachar, Associate Professor from Law University, threw light on the various 7-dimensions of IPR and the IPR Act. Dr. Harikesh Bahadur Professor, GLA University, Mathura gave detailed information about the Patent Act and the process of patent filing. . Ms. Anandi Aggarwal, Incharge, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India, Jan Shikshan Sansthan Gomti Nagar inspired people about entrepreneurship and start-up. Finally, Mrs. Pooja Yadav, Joint Director, Uttar Pradesh Department of Science & Technology, Lucknow, passed the vote of thanks.

Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07.

Print Media:
10 Nov 2023: (i).Swatanra Bharat Page-02 / 11 Nov 2023: (ii).Dhara Lakshya Page-03 / (iii).Aaj Page-04 / (iv). Swatantra Prabhat Page-03 / (v).Bholanath Times Page-03 / (vi). Daily News Activist Page-02 / (vii).First Editor Page-06 / (viii). Rashtriya Sahara Page-07 .

IEI Diwali Milan at Engineers Bhawan-2023

 The Institution of Engineers located in River Bank Colony organised Diwali get-together with the families of Engineers of various departments (retired & serving) on 18 Nov 2023; Famous ghazal singer Pradeep Ali along with his friends made the evening even more colorful by arranging a ghazal gathering. Neuro Physician Dr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Chairman, Er. Masarat Noor Khan and other engineers started the function by lighting the lamp. Thanks to everyone expressed by Er. VB Singh. On this occasion E. Satya Prakash President- Elect, VP Singh Honorary Secretary- Elect, Int. AK Jain, HN Pandey, In. Ashish Yadav, AK Ojha, AK Singh, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Vishal Srivastava etc. were specially present.

Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13.

Print Media:
19 Nov 2023: (i).Amar Ujala Page-05 / (ii).Hindustan Page-06 / (iii). Nav Bharat Times Page-04 / (iv). Rashtriya Sahara Page-06 .

Tribute to Late Ashutosh Tondon, MLA (East-1)-2023

 The late Shri Ashutosh Tondon, son of the late Shri Lalji Tondon, former Governor and Member of Parliament; served as the Minister of Technical & Medical Education in the YOGI-1 Government from 2017 to 2022. He was subsequently re-elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly, representing Lucknow East-1. On June 5, 2016, he inaugurated the first 5-Kilowatt rooftop solar power installation at the residence of Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG(Tech), School of Management (5/323, Viram Khand-5), followed by a 50-Kilowatt installation at SMS on June 5, 2017. Tragically, he succumbed to lung cancer on November 9, 2023, at the age of 63. On November 22, 2023, tributes were paid, and a Shanti Havan (Terahvi) was observed on 22 Nov 2023. May his soul rest in peace in Golok.

Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10.

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23 Nov 2023: (i).Dhara Lakshya-Online Pdf / 24 Nov 2023: (ii).Ghoomata Aiyana Pdf / (iii).Swatanra Prabhat Page-03 / (iv). Rashtriya Prastawana Page-02 / (v).Bholanath Times Page-03 / (vi).Dhara Lakshya Page-03.

SMS-Aagman-2023 & Concert-Rekhari-25112023

 School of Management Sciences-Aagman-2023 & Concert; organised at Campus on 25th November 2023. About 2200 students, teachers and management personnel witness the Fresshers Party and Rekhari Concert since 10:30 A M to night 10 PM. The programme was started with lighting of Lamp and Flowers to Saraswati Potraite. Mr. Fresher & Ms Freshers were declared

25 Nov 2023-Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25.

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30 Nov 2023: (i).Ghoomata Aiyana Pdf / 01 Dec 2023: (ii).Prahari News Pdf / (iii).Daily News Activist Page-02 / (iii). Nav Bharat Times Page-04 / (iv). AaJ Daily Page-03 / (v).First Editor Page 05 / (vi).Bareily Ki AawajPage 05 / (vii).Bholenath Times Page 02 / (viii).Rastriya Yuva Vahini Page 01 / (ix).Prahari Mimansa Page 03 / 02 Dec 2023 : (x).Hindustan Mart Page 04.

AGM-Kshatriya Loksevak Parivar Mahasamiti 26112023

 The Annual General Meeting of Kshatriya Lok Sevak Parivar MahaSamiti; was held at Vikas Khand-2/322, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow on 26th Nov 2023. About 27 members attended the meeting. Baba Hardev Singh, (Retd.IAS) President of Samiti reconstituted the Executive Committe. Non functional members were placed in Marg Darshak Mandal and new members were given responsibility. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG(Tech), SMS given responsibility of Secretary (Inteclectual Property). The meeting was concluded with vote of thanks.

26 Nov 2023-Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07.

AGM & New Chairman, IEI takes the Charge-10122023

 The 103th Annual General Meeting of IEI, UP State Centre; was held at Engineers Bhawan, Lucknow on 10th Dec 2023. The new Chairman, Er. Satya Prakash, retired chief engineer, and Honorary Secretary Chief Engineer Er. Vijay Pratap Singh assumed their charges from Er. Mussarat Noor Khan & Dr. Jaswant Singh respectively for the session 2023-25. On this occasion Engineer VB Singh, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, Er. Prabhat Kiran Chaurasia, Er. Sudhir Kumar Verma, Er. DS Chaudhary, Er. Ashish Kumar Singh, Prof. Jamal Nusrat, Prof. JA Ansari, Er. JML Jaiswal, Er. Mohi Baksh, Er. Aryanendra Kumar Johari etc. were present.

10 Dec 2023-Photos: 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10.

Print Media:
12 Dec 2023: (i). Dainik Jagran Jagran City-Page-II / (ii). Rashtriya Sahara Page-05

SMS-enlisted as Incubation Centre of AKTU-13122023

 A meeting from VC AKTU; was held on 13th Dec 2023 with the Chairmans & Directors of AKTU affiliate Institutions. He gave information that at first instance 100 Institutions are to be given as Incubation Centre and till now 58 Institutions are enlisted. We are giving 2nd chance get enlisted, those institutions are fulfilling the requirements as per prev. circular issued by AKTU & UP Govt. dated: 30th Oct. 2023. He also mentioned that AKTU is supporting the fund with association with UP Govt. and nodal agency for release of fund would be UP Electronics Department.30 lakh infrastructure development support will be provided every year for 5 years.

Print Media:
13 Dec 2023: (i). Dainik Jagran Jagran City-Page-III / 14 Dec 2023: (ii) Pioneer Hindi Page-03

LAP Book: The Yoga Science - 13 Dec 2023

  The Yoga Science- Impact of Mudras, Bandhas & Chakras(Eng) - 13 Dec 2023: Health Benefits Through Spritual Methods-published on 13 Dec 2023 - ISBN: 978-620-6-84631-4 ; from LAP Lambert Publishing, London. The book was authored by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Shri Satish Kumar Singh and Prof. Ajay Kumar Singh,
Covers: Front: 1 / Back: 2 / Download: Book Text- The Yoga Science- Text (Eng).

Bhrigu Public School celebrates Annual Day-17 Dec2023

 Bhrigu Public School celebrated its 13th Foundation Day-2023 at its campus Lalpurwa, Near Dayal Factory, Faizabad Road, Lucknow. On this occasion, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, senior environmentalist and Director General, School of Management Sciences, Lucknow was invited as the Chief Guest. Principal Mrs. Ritu Mishra welcomed the guests, audiences and also presented the annual accounts.The students started the program with Saraswati Vandana. Thereafter, various arround 21-cultural programs including wonderful dances – Ghoomar, Dandiya; Beat Sangeet-Mitva, Anar-Kali, Rangeela; Skid- Garbage wala, Puppet dance etc. were presented in a very attractive manner.Chief Guest Dr. Bharat Raj Singh in his address inspired the students to dream big, to work with full devotion and dedication and become a thinker of multifaceted development and keep your creativity continuously active. On his own, Dr. Singh gave cash awards to the talented students whose presentation were unique such as: a).Rs. 1000/= to Baishanvi class-8, b) Rs. 500/= to second place Ritika class-6 for her social media presentation and c). Sampurnanand Class-5 Best-Acting and Kanak Raj Class-4 Best-Dancing for third position were praised by giving them cash award and certificate of Rs.250/=, Rs.250/= respectively. On this occasion, the school Manager - Shri K.K. Dubey ji and Principal - Ms. Ritu Mishra, Organisor - Mr. Sunil Dubey, Senior Teacher - Mr. Santosh Kumar Mishra and Village Pradhan - Anorakala, Mr. Amit Raj Yadav and all the teachers enjoyed programme with great enthusiasm and congratulated the children.

Photos-17 Dec 2023:01 / 02 / 03 / 04.

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25 Dec 2023:(i) Prahari News PDF / (ii).Ghoomta Aiyana PDF / (iii).Readers Messenger Page 08 / (iv).Bholenath Times Page 05 / (v).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (vi).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (vii). Rashtriya Sahara Page 07.

Book-The Yoga Science Launched-20Dec2023

 The Yoga Science-Mudra, Bandh & Chakras : is launched by Shri Sharad Singh, Secretary & CEO, on 20th Dec 2023 at School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. This book is written by Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, Chairman, Vedic Vigyan Kendra, under aegis of SMS.

Print Media:
21 Dec 2023:(i).Ghoomta Aiyana Pdf / (ii).Prahari News Pdf / (iii).Prahari MeemansaPage-03 / (iv).First Editor Page 03 / (v).Bholenath Times Page 02 / (vi).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (vii).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (viii).Rashtriya Sahara Page 10 / 22 Dec 2023 : (ix).Bareily Ki Awaj Page 8.

NIC Kadipur-Science Fair & Exhibition-21Dec2023

 National Inter College, Kadipur organised Science Fair & Exhibition at college campus, Kadipur on 21st Dec 2023. During the event, students showcased approximately 142 models and projects at the Science Fair. The inauguration ceremony featured Chief Guest Mr. Ranvijay Singh and Guest of Honour Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, the Director General (Technical) of the School of Management Sciences, Lucknow. In his address during the inaugural session, Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, a globally recognized scientist and Guest of Honour, shared his personal connection to the school, having been a student from 1961-63. He emphasized that all students possess equal talent, highlighting that those who persevere, set goals, embrace experimentation, and transform their dreams into reality are the ones who advance.The function included captivating performances by small children, featuring dances, a Saraswati song, and a welcome song. The Guests and Teachers who participated in the program were warmly welcomed by Principal Dr. KD Singh. The successful conduction of the event was managed by Shri Ajay Bahadur Singh, an English teacher at the college.

Photos-21 Dec 2023:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10.

Video Bytes: Recordings

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22 Dec 2023:(i).Nav Satta PDF / (ii).First Editor Page 06 / 23 Dec 2023: (iii).Prahari News PDF / (iv).Ghoomta Aiyana PDF / (v).Rashtriya Prastawana Page 05 / (vi).Bholenath Times Page 05 / (vii).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (ix).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (x). Rashtriya Sahara Page 05.

21st Convocation of AKTU-26Dec2023

 Vice Chancellor AKTU, Prof. JP Pandey notified the 21st Convocation scheduled to be held at on 26th Dec 2023 at Atal Vihari Bajpayee Stadium and requested all Directors to attend the same. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh Director General (Tech) & Director I/C Prof. Ashish Bhatnagar were invited to attend on scheduled day, venue and time. They were also asked to participate in rehearsal on 25th Dec 2023 at 3:30 PM. Prof. Bharat Raj Singh, DG & Dr. Dharmendra Singh both attended the Convocation and took lead roll in Academic Procession.

Photos-26 Dec 2023:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15.

Print Media:
27 Dec 2023 i).Dainik Jagran Page-III / (ii).Hindustan Page 4 / (iii).Nav Bharat Times Page 05 / (v).Rashtriya Sahara, LKO Page 13 / (vi).Aaj Page 05 / (vii).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (viii).Amar Ujala Page 05.

Sultanpur Talent & Ratna Award-27Dec2023

 Rashtriya Sahara Sultanpur Edition took the initiative to host a academic excellence and social contributions awards on 27st Dec 2023. During the event, District Magistrate I/C, Mr. Ankur Kaushik, gracing the occasion as the Chief Guest, and the Senior Superintendent of Police in Sultanpur serving as the esteemed Special Guest. Approximately 450 board ranked students were honored with awards, a testament to the abundance of talent and academic prowess within the district. A pivotal and memorable moment unfolded when Dr. Bharat Raj Singh, a distinguished resident of Raibigo, Kadipur, Sultanpur, was bestowed with the prestigious Sultanpur Ratna Award. This accolade was a fitting recognition of Dr. Singh's globally acclaimed contributions as a scientist of Air-O-Bike and many more work in Global warming.His remarkable achievements and impactful work had not only brought honor to the local community but had also garnered international acclaim, making him a source of pride for Sultanpur.

Photos-27 Dec 2023:01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13.

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29 Dec 2023 (i).Prahari News PDF / (ii).Ghoomta Aiyanaa PDF / (iii).First Editor Page 05 / (v).Rashtriya Sahara, LKO Page 13 / (vi).Rashtriya Sahara, SLR Page 05 / (vii).Bhole Nath Times Page 05 / (viii).Bareily Ki Awaj Page 09 / / (ix).PraharI Meemansa Page 05 / (x).Yuva Vahini Page 02 / 30 Dec 2023: (xi).Daily News Activist Page 02 / (xii). Rashtriya PrastawanaPage 01 / (xiii).Swatantra Prabhat Page 03 / (xiv). Dhara LakshyaPage 03 / (xv).Aaj Page 08.

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