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SMS Lucknow
The Institution Of Engineers (India)
One Day National Seminar
Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental &
Disaster Science:Environmental & Disaster Science: Impact of Glacier Melting & Climate Change
26th March 2023
MAA Lucknow Chapter
MNNIT Alumni Association, Lucknow Chapter, U.P.
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Smt. Anandiben Patel
Hon. Governor of UP
Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma
Member Secretary, UPPCB
Prof.Alok Kumar Rai
Dr. RK Singh
Technical Advisor, UPPCB
Dr. MP Singh
Exec Secry, SMS
Mr. Sharad Singh
Secry & CEO, SMS
Er. V.B. Singh
FIE, National Council Member,IEI
Er. Musarrat Noor Khan
FIE,Chairman, IEI, Lucknow
Dr. Jaswant Singh
FIE,Hon. Secretary, IEI, Lucknow
Er. BCRoy
FIE,President, MAA,Lucknow Chapter
 Seminar Overview  

Since the early 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. Human activities are at the root of this phenomenon. Specifically, since the industrial revolution, carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions have raised temperatures, even higher in the poles, and as a result, glaciers are rapidly melting, calving off into the sea and retreating on land. Even if we significantly curb emissions in the coming decades, more than a third of the world's remaining glaciers will melt before the year 2100. Melting glaciers add to rising sea levels, which in turn increases coastal erosion and elevates storm surge as warming air and ocean temperatures create more frequent and intense coastal storms like hurricanes and typhoons. Specifically, the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are the largest contributors of global sea level rise. Right now, the Greenland ice sheet is disappearing four times faster than in 2003 and already contributes 20% of current sea level rise.. If emissions continue to rise, the current rate of melting on the Greenland ice sheet is expected to double by the end of the century. Alarmingly, if all the ice on Greenland melted, it would raise global sea levels by 20 feet. Today, the Arctic is warming twice as fast as anywhere on earth, and the sea ice there is declining by more than 10% every 10 years. As this ice melts, darker patches of ocean start to emerge, eliminating the effect that previously cooled the poles, creating warmer air temperatures and in turn disrupting normal patterns of ocean circulation. The glacial melt we are witnessing today in Antarctic and Greenland is changing the circulation of the Atlantic Ocean and has been linked to collapse of fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and more destructive storms and hurricanes around the planet. What happens in these places has consequences across the entire globe. As sea ice and glaciers melt and oceans warm, ocean currents will continue to disrupt weather patterns worldwide. Industries that thrive on vibrant fisheries will be affected as warmer waters change where and when fish spawn. Coastal communities will continue to face billion-dollar disaster recovery bills as flooding becomes more frequent and storms become more intense. People are not the only ones impacted.


Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental & Disaster Science: Impact of Glacier Melting & Climate Change

Sub Themes:

  • Glacier Melting on Arctic Sea
  • Glacier Melting on Antartica
  • Glacier Melting on Himalayas
  • Global Warming
  • Climate Change
  • Disaster Management
  • Waste Management
  • Renewable Energy
  • Others(related to climate and disaster)

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 Call of Papers  

Technical papers on the above Sub Themes and related topics are invited for presentation in the different technical sessions of the conference. The authors should send two copies of extended abstract in IEEE template (not exceeding two A-4 size pages typed in 12pt. Times Roman font with double spacing) of their original works latest by March 22, 2023. Authors are requested to send a copyright form duly signed by author(s) along with the abstract on smsspeeds23@smslucknow.ac.in

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