SPEEDS - 2022
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SMS Lucknow
The Institution Of Engineers (India)
One Day National Seminar
Sources of Planet Energy, Environmental &
Disaster Science:Environmental & Disaster Science: Impact of Glacier Melting & Climate Change
26th March 2023
MAA Lucknow Chapter
MNNIT Alumni Association, Lucknow Chapter, U.P.
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Smt. Anandiben Patel
Hon. Governor of UP
Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma
Member Secretary, UPPCB
Prof.Alok Kumar Rai
Dr. RK Singh
Technical Advisor, UPPCB
Dr. MP Singh
Exec Secry, SMS
Mr. Sharad Singh
Secry & CEO, SMS
Er. V.B. Singh
FIE, National Council Member,IEI
Er. Musarrat Noor Khan
FIE,Chairman, IEI, Lucknow
Dr. Jaswant Singh
FIE,Hon. Secretary, IEI, Lucknow
Er. BCRoy
FIE,President, MAA,Lucknow Chapter
All the authors / delegates are hereby informed that their Abstract after approval are noted in this section.

Theme Area


1. Glacier Melting on Arctic Sea
2. Glacier Melting on Antartica
2.1.  .. Author Name: ..
3. Glacier Melting on Himalayas
3.1.  Impacts of Climate Change and Himalayan Melting Glaciers on Human Systems Author Name: Laxmi Kumari, Ved Kumar, Sudhaker Dixit, Ajai Singh Yadav, Pramod Kumar Singh and Bhart Raj Singh
3.2.  Melting of Himalayan Glacier Causing Climate Damage and Hitting India with Heavy Snow falls, Cold Wave, Cyclone and Crack in Hills Author Name: Bhart Raj Singh
4. Global Warming
4.1.  Environment Conscious Habitat Development Author Name: Surech Chand Bajpai
5. Climate Change
5.1.  Role of Renewable energy in Climate Change on Human Systems Author Name: Ved Kumar, Anod Singh, Pramod Kumar Singh, Sudhakar Dixit, Ajay Kumar and Dharmendra Singh
5.2.  Solar Power Prospects in India due to Climate Change: A Review Author Name: P.K. Bharati
6. Disaster Management
6.1.  .. Author Name: ..
7. Waste Management
7.1.  Analysis of Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Water Quality Discharged from CETP, Banthar, Unnao Author Name: Sanjeev & Asha Kulshreshtha
7.2.  A Study on Solid Waste Management Systems in Lucknow Author Name: Syed Shuja Askari and Uroj Shameem
8. Renewable Energy
8.1.  Floating PhotoVoltaic (FPV) Panels in India Author Name: Alok Kumar, Sarvesh Anand and Amarjeet Singh"
8.2.  Design of Roof-top Solar PV System for Site feasibility Assessment using Helioscope Author Name: Rohit Srivastava, Amod Kumar Pandey, Dharmendra Singh, Abhishek Srivastav and Vivek Mishra
8.3.  Renewable Energy the Clean Facts Author Name: Manoj Kumar Singh and Bharat Raj Singh
8.4.  Optimized Solar Photovoltaic Generation in a Real Local Distribution Network Author Name: Pramod Kumar, Nagendra Kumar Swarnkar and Krishna Kant Kannujia
8.5.  A Review on Solar Hybrid (PV+CSP) Trading System of India to other Countries Author Name: Garima Singh and Bharat Raj Singh
8.6.  Quantum Dots for Solar Cell Author Name: Samreen1* and Pooja Srivastava2
9. Others(related to climate and disaster)
9.1.  Study on computational and thermal behavior of poly (ethylene glycol) butyl ether solution Author Name: Sudhaker Dixit, Ved Kumar, Anod Kumar Singh, Swati Agarwal, P.K. Singh and Ajai Singh Yadav
9.2.  3-D Conduction heat transfer analysis in different coordinate system Author Name: Anoop Kr. Singh, Akansha Srivastava, Vineet Kumar
9.3.  Transforming Land Usage by Agricultural Engineering – A Study of Saudi Arabia Author Name: Ashok Sen Gupta
9.4.  Theoretical investigation of Geometry optimization vibration analysis thermodynamical properties electronic properties of Hexachlorophosphazene: A DFT study Author Name: Vijay Narayan Mishra,D.V Shukla, Ankit Kumar Sharma, Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Vinod Kumar Singh, Shubham Tiwari and Anoop Kumar Pandey
9.5.  Restoring Smaller Rivers in Uttar Pradesh Author Name: Venkatesh Dutta
9.6.   Path Optimisation in Manet Using Nemo Author Name: Amod Kumar Pandey, Hemant Kumar Singh, Sunit Kumar Mishra, Himanshu Kumar Shukla and Krishna Nand Mishra
9.7.   Effect of Heat Treatment on Tensile Strength of H13 Tool Steel Author Name: Piyush Gupta, Digvijay Pratap Maurya and Pankaj Kumar Yadav
9.8.   Path Optimisation in Manet Using Nemo Author Name: Amod Kumar Pandey, Hemant Kumar Singh, Sunit Kumar Mishra, Himanshu Kumar Shukla and Krishna Nand Mishra
9.9.   E-Commerce Web Application Using Mern Technology Author Name: PrasoonMishra, Himanshu Baranwal and Hemant Kumar Singh
9.10.   IoT Based Internet Security and Home Computerization System Author Name: Krishna Nand Mishra, Amod Kumar Pandey and Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi
9.11.  Fuzzy Logic System through Monitoring and Control of Blood Pressure Author Name: Amod Kumar Pandey1, Vikash Kumar Sharma2, Abhishek Srivastava3 and Hemant Kumar Singh4
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